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Different Types of Cloth Nappy

Flats, Terries and Muslins are square sheets of fabric that are very absorbent.

Terries are usually bulkier than a Bamboo Flat and cotton muslins.

There are a number of folds you can use, and you would fasten with a nappy nippa or pin.

As they are made entirely out of absorbent material, they can feel extremely wet when removed which is normal.

Flat nappies require a wrap cover.

Pocket nappies have a waterproof outer, with a layer of stay dry material sewn on top.

This creates a pocket for you to “stuff” absorbent inserts – these can be a mix of microfibre, cotton, bamboo or hemp.

These are an affordable way to use cloth nappies in the day time, as they can be used with various absorbancy materials to suit your babies needs.

A wrap is a water-resistant cover, that you use over absorbent materials, such as a flat, terry, muslin, prefold/trifold or fitted nappy.

Our FAB wrap nappies are made from PUL.

Nappy Components


  • 100% polyester with polyurethane laminate

Stay Dry Layer

  • 100% polyester

KAM Snaps

  • 100% polyester


  • 30% polyester
  • 70% emulsion


  • 100% polyester with polyurethane laminate

KAM Snaps

  • 100% polyester


  • 30% polyester
  • 70% emulsion


  • 80% bamboo
  • 20% polyester


  • 55% hemp
  • 45% cotton


  • blend of bamboo viscose, cotton, organic cotton and polyester fibres

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Glossary of Terms


Polyurethane Laminate – the water resistant part of most nappies


Nappy should fit from birth – 5-15lbs (3-7kg)


Birth to Potty / One Size Fits Most – 10-40lbs (4.5-18.5kg)


XL or Junior Nappy – 30-70lbs (13-32kg)


Usually refers to how you fasten the nappy – there are usually adjustable poppers on the front waistband of the nappy

Rise Poppers

There are usually on the front of the nappy to adjust the length – this is how you make the nappy bigger or smaller to suit your baby

Nappy Nippa

This is a plastic stretchy T shaped gripper, tat uses little teeth and tension to hook onto the flat/terry/muslin

Single Gusset

There is only one layer of soft elastic around the legs

Insert / Booster

These terms are interchangeable as rectangular or hourglass shared multilayered absorbent material, that is the main absorbency for a nappy.

These are usually stuffed inside a pocket, but can be a “snap in” for wraps

Trifold / Prefold

Interchangable terms for a square of multi-layered absorbent material.

These can be folded as a flat nappy for a newborn, or into three to make a rectangular insert for a wrap.


You can use disposable or reusable (microfleece or wicking jersey) liners inside nappies to make it easier to remove post-weaning soiling.

Reusable liners also help baby feel dry.

Stay Dry

This is usually a suede cloth, microfleece or wicking jersey material that is sewn in as a top layer of the nappy, which helps baby feel dry.

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